Hi guys it me Candy and this is my first time to post and share my own experience while using this product and i love to share with you !

It is a mattifying foundation both the liquid and the powder foundation .

it comes with a plastic tube for the liquid foundation and a plastic thingy also for the powder foundation with mirror inside and sponge .

I think there are 7 shades available for the liquid foundation and as far a i remember when i bought this one there is only like 4 shades available for the powder foundation which is difficult for those who have darker skin tone.

35ml -liquid foundation

9g- powder foundation

The consistency for the liquid foundation is thick but not heavy to feel and not runny as well and for the powder foundation it is a bit creamy powdery and very fine when you touch it and you can use wet or dry …. wet for more coverage for the powder foundation .

For the liquid foundation when you apply it quickly dries in a minute and not heavy in my own feelings and i dont feel any cakey feeling s.

Now for my experience upon using this product for the whole month is i experience different kinds of result in a different way of kind of using .

Using this together with a primer in my own skin type although i have a normal to dry skin i do still experience a lot of oilyness which i felt very bad and disappointment because expecting this as a matte and 24h longevity is im not happy .

Then one day i just simply used the product without primer for that time i just went to the supermarket and i was amazed for the outcome that day because i dont feel any oilyness that day and i used alternately without primer and with primer then i see the difference .. and i conclude that using primer with this in my own skin type is oily .  so i prefer this one using without primer .

Using also this foundation along with my concealer top of my foundation is a little bit oily so i change it to use the concealer first then i use my foundation is not oily at all .

Trying also with the nivea Men After shave Balm as a primer is Perfect in my own opinion because i never been an oily compare with primer. So i prefer using this one by not using primer at all..

In my opinion using a primer triggers the oilyness using together with founfdation.

For those who have dry patchis also may cling to  it coz this is mattifying foundation .

The coverage is decent and its buildable in my opinion to full coverage .

It will help to cover blemishes and its really not  detectable on skin unless if you will build up into full coverage.

For the longevity its really hold till the time i clean my face before going to bed. For me i worn it for maximum 12H there is no patchiness or smudging except my mouth area where i used to wipe a tissue while eating but with help of powder foundation to retouch its perfectly done .

I can recommend this  for those who are oily skin  but you need to understand your skin and have patience for trial and error to achieve the perfect result .